UI/UX Web Producer

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In the realm of experience design, innovation often stems from a cyclical exchange of ideas—a design concept giving rise to an idea, which then fuels another design notion. This iterative progression guides us to our ultimate objective: achieving excellence in online engagement.


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I am Brandon Guertner, known most often as "Guert." I have the UI/UX web design skills to solve today's problems. My years of industry experience give me an intimate understanding of its past that pays off with insights into its future. I've navigated the intricate nuances of Silicon Valley, embracing challenges and seizing opportunities.

My path has led me to tame content management systems and master HTML/CSS, ensuring seamless functionality. Throughout, my unwavering commitment to experience design has been my guiding principle. As I gaze ahead, I eagerly anticipate contributing to the evolution of spatial computing web experiences – a collaborative journey that thrives on collective effort.